About The Owner


Eric Carlson

Welcome! I’m glad you could stop by. Time is precious and I appreciate yours!

This is the important page where I’m supposed to tell you about my impressive work history, my higher education accomplishments and how it translates into important skills relating to business in general and specifically my business. Although past work history that demonstrates aptitude is important, I believe emphasis on character and what a person believes in is also important. Because we all know that skills are really only one measuring tool on how a business is defined as successful and I believe that if a company has great skill and poor leadership, it is doomed to fail. Yet if reversed, the business will strive to acquire the skills necessary to fulfill its vision.

So please bear with me as I guide you briefly through a few of my core values and what I believe in.

Above all is honesty. I believe all other morally upright values hang upon this single attribute.
Integrity. Simply stated it is the action of doing the right thing, even if no one is looking and even when it is difficult.
Respect. The golden rule value. Treating others as they should be treated. It’s trusting that others treat you the same way.

These are only a few of my world views and the ones I assign to Paladin. Below is an edited version of my personal LinkedIn profile which can be found here.

Born of Upper Midwest dogma, my first adventure was loyalty to my country through 20 years of Army service and I lived to tell about it!

After retiring from service in 2008, a thirst to further my knowledge pointed me to the University of Sioux Falls and as of 2015 I hold a bachelors degree in Media Studies (journalism) and a minor in Entrepreneurship Studies. Educated in the christian liberal arts, I feel not just more knowledgeable but more connected with my past and current life experiences. A deep epiphany that keeps me focused on what’s relevant.

Merging my rich experience in leadership and management combined with a minor in entrepreneurship I now have insight on innovation, business development and skills essential to not just being better, but thinking better.

My passions include media, justice, personal freedoms and a belief that each of us deserve to be treated with equality and respect.

As a cleaning company, we are excited to challenge the status quo and perform services designed to compliment your facility.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about Paladin.